Dodge ProMaster transmission repair

Dodge ProMaster transmission repair

Are you looking for Dodge ProMaster transmission repair? European Exchange is a transmission shop in NJ that specializes in Dodge ProMaster transmission repair, transmission exchange and transmission rebuild. European Exchange has the skill-set to work with many type of transmission, including: automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, antique transmissions, classic transmissions, CVT transmissions, marine transmissions, high performance transmissions, truck transmissions, or re-manufactured transmissions.

Dodge ProMaster is one of the best vans that come in different size configurations. People use it as a passenger van or cargo van, depending on their requirements. Dodge ProMaster has different roof variants, including the low and high roof. It has 118, 136, and 159 inches wheelbases, allowing more configuration options.

Dodge ProMaster is equipped with a 3.6 liters V-6 engine that provides 260 lb/ft of torque and 280 horsepower. The van has a six-speed automatic transmission, which transmits power to the van’s front wheels, reaching 60 mph from zero in just eight seconds.

At European Exchange, our transmission experts believe that Dodge ProMaster has a solid performance in terms of transmission and speed. There are many problems associated with Dodge ProMaster’s transmission mechanism.

For instance, the transmission shifter cable usually separates and disconnects the shifter, preventing the driver from shifting the transmission. As a result, the gear shift lever position does not match the transmission gear.

Your Dodge ProMaster’s transmission transmits the engine’s power to the wheels, allowing you to drive at your desired speed. However, a small transmission problem can lead to complications, taking a significant toll on your Dodge ProMaster’s performance.

European Exchange, NJ, has qualified, licensed, and experienced techs and mechanics familiar with ProMaster Vans and repair transmission according to the manufacturing company’s recommended specifications.

Service, Diagnose and Repair

Dodge ProMaster’s transmission repair is a complicated task and not something to take lightly. The van’s transmission connects to its key parts and requires proper functioning for your safety. European Exchange, NJ, has experienced techs and mechanics who can replace filters and drain fluids to prevent transmission damage in your Dodge ProMaster.

Fluid leaking, slipping, stalling, and the service light turning on are common transmission issues with Dodge ProMaster. If your Dodge Master needs transmission repair, schedule an appointment at European Exchange, NJ. We will ensure your van’s transmission is up to the mark and performs at its best.

Clutches Repair and Replacement

The clutch engages or disengages during the gear shifts to transfer the torque through the transmission. Bear in mind that a clutch helps your Dodge ProMaster starts and shift gears smoothly.

Because the clutch in your Dodge ProMaster receives a lot of wear and tear, it is wise to hire a professional clutch repair company like European Exchange, NJ, to take proactive or preventative measures.

The purpose is to prevent your Dodge ProMaster from having clutch problems. However, if your Dodge ProMaster’s clutch makes noises or begins slipping irregularly, contact European Exchange to see if the clutch replacement is necessary. Other transmission services offered by European Exchange, NJ, are:

  • Transmission rebuild
  • Transmission exchange
  • Transmission installation
  • Transmission maintenance
  • CV joints, axels repair

European Exchange, NJ, has mechanics with many years of experience, providing high-quality Dodge ProMaster’s transmission diagnostics, repair, and maintenance to keep you safe and satisfied.

Whether you come in for a routine transmission inspection or a repair/replacement service, European Exchange, NJ, promises to provide excellent services, giving you peace of mind and satisfaction.

European Exchange, NJ, is committed to providing a superior-quality and stress-free experience to returning and new Dodge ProMaster van owners. Our company uses parts from well-established and reputable brands to ensure your Dodge ProMaster is always ready for a smooth performance. Contact us today!

For more information about our Dodge ProMaster transmission repair or to speak with one of our transmission experts, call us at 201-880-6633. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Dodge ProMaster transmission repair