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Are you looking for Transmission Diagnostics in Bergen County, NJ? European Exchange possesses a tremendous amount of technical expertise in diagnosing transmission problems. The transmission is a very complicated part that has many potential problems associated with it. There are, however, many ways to misdiagnose a transmission problem. There are in fact dozens of factors besides the transmission or its malfunction that may trick a car owner or mechanic into seeing transmission problem signs when none in fact exist.

This is because there are many different computer modules and sensors that talk to each other to ensure the transmission functions properly. Having an issue with any of them may make the customer think they have a transmission problem. Speed sensors, input and output sensors, air flow sensors, throttle position sensors, temperature sensors, and components on the engine can all affect a transmission’s operation.

Please contact European Exchange if you believe you may have a transmission problem. Our expert technicians will diagnose the issue and determine if you are having a problem with the transmission itself, or simply one of the many sensors and modules that keep it running properly.

For more information about our Transmission Diagnostics in Bergen County, NJ, call European Exchange today at (201) 880-6633.

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Transmission Diagnostics Bergen County, NJ